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Our curators have pulled together interesting themes and selected snapshots of the Museum’s collection in these online galleries. Browse the galleries to discover the many ways to approach fine art at Reynolda House. Just like galleries at the Museum, online galleries rotate frequently; check back often to discover what’s new.

What’s more American than believing in a fresh start? For much of the nation’s early history, this meant picking up and moving west, to lands not yet taken up by white settlers, in search of new opportunities to thrive and prosper. American artists such as Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Remington were drawn to the dramatic landscapes and Native American subjects of the western states and territories. They translated their experiences into visual imagery, often romanticized, for an eager audience in the East.

The coldest, darkest season of the year is brightened by special celebrations with family and
friends, and a snowstorm is best appreciated through a window.

“Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”  In 1971, art historian Linda Nochlin posed that provocative question in a radical article that transformed the field of art history. 

This online gallery and corresponding blog explore this controversial question. 

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