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Collection: American Art
Date: 1761
Artist/Maker: Joseph Blackburn
Classification: Paintings

Joseph Blackburn completed his portrait of Elizabeth Browne Rogers in 1761 during the period of time that he spent in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Portsmouth, a bustling seaport with several wealthy merchants, was Elizabeth’s home; her father was a prominent Anglican rector there.

Collection: American Art
Date: 1863
Artist/Maker: Otto Boetticher
Classification: Prints

In August 1861, painter and lithographer Otto Boetticher mustered in as a captain in the Sixty-Eighth New York Volunteer Regiment of Infantry. His military experience as an officer in the Prussian army before his immigration to America might explain the rank conferred on him in his new unit. Just seven months later, he was captured by Confederate forces and sent to the military prison in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Collection: American Art
Date: circa 1950
Artist/Maker: Aaron Bohrod
Classification: Paintings

Of this painting, Bohrod wrote, “It was sketched, I believe, not too long after I came to the University here (in 1948) and it was probably painted around 1950–52. The town, Lodi, is located about 40 miles north of Madison.” [1] As an American Scene painter, Bohrod sought inspiration for his art from his travels.

Collection: American Art
Date: 1955-1963
Artist/Maker: Charles Ephraim Burchfield
Classification: Paintings

It is an undisputed fact that Charles Burchfield was passionate about nature. He had easy access to it at his home in semi-rural Gardenville, New York, with its nearby woods and extensive garden, but he also drove to special places in the vicinity, usually forests or swamps. He immersed himself at all times of day and seasons, sweat pouring down his brow in summer, the water for his paints freezing in winter.

Collection: American Art
Date: 1938
Artist/Maker: Alexander Calder
Classification: Sculpture

Despite its small scale, Mobile with Five Appendages is characteristic of Alexander Calder’s innovative style. But it is also unusual in its combination of a rocking base with movable parts, created through a subtle balance of cut and welded sheet metal and wire. It is a cross between a classic mobile that hangs down from above and a stabile that stands solidly on the ground.