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Collection: American Art
Date: 1860
Artist/Maker: David Johnson
Classification: Paintings

Natural Bridge, Virginia is a testament to landscape theories of the sublime in nature, as well as a symbol of the social and political climate of the mid-nineteenth century. The painting possesses a clarity of light that emphasizes the beauty of the geologic natural wonder. The distanced view places Natural Bridge in the center surrounded by dense vegetation. In a hazy blue sky billowing clouds at the left mirror the shape of the arch.

Collection: Estate Archives
Date: 1940
Classification: Documents

In the photo album “The Negro and Reynolda,” several residents of Five Row described the community and its people from 1915 until 1940. It was presented to Mary Reynolds Babcock and her husband Charlie Babcock in 1940, a few years after Mary purchased other family members' shares in the estate. "The Negro and Reynolda" reminds her of the contributions and commitment of Reynolda's African American employees and residents.

Collection: Historic House
Date: 1920s
Classification: Furniture

A nest of three occasional tables decorated in the Chinese taste (chinoiserie) are painted red with touches of gilt, the tops decorated with lacquer scenes in the style of Chinese export furniture. The largest table in the group has the suggestion of a temple at the right atop a rock formation or island.