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Collection: American Art
Date: 1973-1974
Artist/Maker: James Rosenquist
Classification: Prints

Like much of James Rosenquist’s work, Off the Continental Divide is large and multifaceted. It is also autobiographical. When it was published in 1974 by Universal Limited Art Editions, it was the largest print—over six feet wide—ever to have been pulled from a press. The composition is divided down the center, creating two halves, not quite of equal size. On the left, a purple staircase ascends/descends silhouetted against a rainbow of colors that resemble crinkled plastic.

Collection: Estate Archives
Date: 1922
Classification: Photographs

Office building in Reynolda Village.

Collection: Historic House
Date: 1916-1917
Classification: Furniture

One of a pair of mahogany barrel-back chairs with open arms and backs filled with caning and brown leather cushions on seat and arms were used in Mr. Reynolds' office at Reynolda House. Various historical decorative motifs have been adapted to create chairs suitable for use in an office of the early 20th century, including reeding on the legs and small square carved rosettes marking the transition from frame to legs.

Collection: American Art
Date: 1864
Artist/Maker: Worthington Whittredge
Classification: Paintings

This intimate landscape, considered by many Worthington Whittredge’s masterpiece, commands the attention of the viewer through dramatic use of light and a strong vertical composition. A limited palette, controlled brushstroke, and realistic forms create a picture of restrained natural beauty. However, the idyllic scene is disrupted by visual cues that describe a picturesque paradox between divinity and decay, allegory and exactitude.