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Collection: American Art
Date: 1798
Artist/Maker: Edward Savage
Classification: Prints

On March 3, 1798, an advertisement appeared in The Philadelphia Gazette announcing the sale of a new engraving of George Washington and his family: “The print, representing General Washington and his Family, all whole lengths in one groupe, will be ready for delivery by the 15th of March. An unfinished impression is to be seen at Mr. McElwee’s Looking Glass store No. 70, South Fourth Street. The subscription will close on the 10th of March inst.” [1]

Collection: American Art
Date: 1881
Artist/Maker: Winslow Homer
Classification: Paintings

At a time when watercolor was considered appropriate only for preliminary sketches, Winslow Homer was among the first artists to master it and use it for finished works of art. Watercolor, smaller and more portable than oil, was also extremely useful to Homer as he traveled in this country and abroad. He began working with the medium in the mid-1870s, and quickly developed a facility for painting wet-on-wet and allowing fluid washes to capture the essence of wind, sea, and vegetation.

Collection: Estate Archives
Date: n.d.
Classification: Photographs

Sun porch, facing west. Furnishings include wicker furniture; round table with wrought iron legs; and palms and ferns.

Collection: American Art
Date: 1994
Artist/Maker: Agnes Denes
Classification: Prints

The intersection of art and science has been a foremost preoccupation of Agnes Denes, whose talent in this regard has been celebrated. “Giving concrete visual form to the theoretical concepts of mathematics is just one of the ways Agnes Denes has demonstrated her genius for orchestrating the synergy of art and science.” [1]