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Collection: American Art
Date: 1961
Artist/Maker: Philip Evergood
Classification: Paintings

In November 1943, Philip Evergood published an article, “Sure, I’m a Social Painter,” in which he addressed the tendency of artists to brag about themselves and bemoaned the paucity of critics among the large number of artists. While citing the importance of formal elements, he claimed: “all good art throughout the ages has been a social art.

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Collection: American Art
Date: 1975
Artist/Maker: Shusaku Arakawa
Classification: Prints

The lithograph and silkscreen print and/or in profile is a highly conceptual and technically masterful art image by Shusaku Arakawa. He used language and symbols simultaneously as image and text so that a viewer is also a reader. The construction of meaning is both achieved and undone in the process of looking, leaving the viewer to ponder the mutability of both language and art.

Collection: American Art
Date: 1855
Artist/Maker: Frederic Edwin Church
Classification: Paintings

“Painted after Frederic Edwin Church’s first trip to Ecuador [1853], The Andes of Ecuador combines the scientific and religious concerns of Church’s time in one grand panorama.