Reynolda After Hours (we say RAH)

Reynolda After Hours is all that you love about Reynolda that you think you're the only one who knows. Come meet the others who know, too.

Reynolda After Hours

Happy hour just got a serious upgrade. Reynolda After Hours events and programs offer a chance to relax with friends in a Museum setting. Hosted monthly at Reynolda House, after-hours events are open to the public and feature music, food, drinks, and art activities.

Summertime Social

A toast to the unofficial start to summer begins on Reynolda’s Sunset Hill. This annual backyard party features food trucks, drinks from local vendors, lawn games, and great music!

Reynolda Thursdays

Each major exhibition coincides with two Reynolda Thursdays, after-hours events with interesting programs, a cash bar, and music.


Welcome to Reynolda After Hours (RAH)

Reynolda After Hours (RAH) events bring together good, fun people to unwind and socialize, enjoy Reynolda, and learn a little something in the meantime. 

Who can come to Reynolda After Hours events?
Anyone that’s fun—or wants to be fun. RAH is certainly not just for the “young” or just for “museum people.” Read more about that here

Sounds great! How do I get involved?
Sign up for RAH emails. They come about once a month, and they’re usually interesting. 
Come to our events! Browse upcoming RAH nights here.

I'm ready to the put a little arty in my party. But how?
Come on out for our events! Follow us after after hours on social media @rahreynolda on Twitter on Instagram and tag your posts with #rahreynolda. Then, (humble) brag to your friends about how you support the arts.

2017 Reynolda After Hours Ambassadors
Support for Reynolda After Hours draws from the guidance and efforts of a team of community volunteers, the Reynolda After Hours Ambassadors (RAHAs!). RAHAs contribute to the Museum in significant and diverse ways and meet with the Museum on a regular basis to discuss updates on upcoming events, fundraising opportunities, and more. Interested in learning more about becoming an ambassador? Let us know!

Sarah Bauk
Neel Brooks
Meghan Flow
Brian Holden
Jenni Jordan
Kylie Kinder
Ben Loebner
Greer Taylor
Matt Williams